LEFT: Norma Lindner; David McMullen; Leslie Weatherby; Ev McDowell

On Saturday, November 12th, we offered our members two introductory workshops and one activity experience,  at Wellspring Oakville.

Workshop A: Cooking program - One Pot Meals - led by Michelle  and Anne- a tasting.  Program costs will be covered by Wellspring - Max 14 participants sign-up - On a first sign-up basis.  We thank Wellspring for their financial support in providing this workshop.

Workshop B: Art Therapy - 1:30 min session led by Elva Paola -  MSc, RP, RCAT, DTATI
Registered Psychotherapist Registered Canadian Art Therapist, Max 12 participants sign up - On a first sign-up basis.

Activity C:  If the weather is agreeable - we will take a meditative walk around the pond and then come back for a group discussion.  If the weather is not comfortable for walking, we will show a Toronto District video on a myeloma topic - guest presentation, and then discuss.

saturday november 12th, 2016         Interactive Workshops  
​​​​​​sATURDAY NOVEMBER 12TH, 2016                 Interactive workshop meeting      Wellspring, OAKVILLE   ​

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